Terms and Conditions

  • By registering to use the services covered by these Terms and Conditions on pakarbet88.com (hereinafter each separately and all together collectively referred to as "pakarbet88.com", "pakarbet88.com" or "Site"), you are certifying that you are at least 18 years of age, and that you legally acknowledge to have read, fully understand and agree to be bound by and to comply with these "Terms and Conditions." If you do not wish to accept the following terms and conditions, you must neither register nor open an account and you will be unable to access the software and the gaming services offered in conjunction therewith.
  • All product information, registration on the site and use of any services offered by pakarbet88.com are subject to these "General Terms and Conditions".
  • pakarbet88.com reserves the right to amend these General Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notification. Such amendments shall become enforceable with immediate effect immediately upon publication in the "General Terms and Conditions" section of the pakarbet88.com site. It is the user’s responsibility to review the General Terms and Conditions on a regular basis. Continued use of any services of the Site after a change or update has been made to the General Terms and Conditions will constitute your acknowledgement and acceptance of said change or update.
  • These General Terms and Conditions represent the complete, final and exclusive agreement between the user and pakarbet88.com. These “General Terms and Conditions” supersede and merge all prior agreements, representations and understandings between the user and pakarbet88.com. You confirm that, in agreeing to accept these General Terms and Conditions, you have not relied on any representation save insofar as the same has expressly been made a representation in these General Terms and Conditions.
  • In case of any contradiction between a provision of this Agreement and any provision on the pakarbet88.com website, the provisions as stated in this Agreement shall prevail.
  • We reserve the right, at our own discretion, to request any user to furnish us with a proof of identity and age as a precondition before the user is allowed to participate in or utilize any of pakarbet88.com’s services.
  • Should there be any dispute concerning a player’s account, pakarbet88.com reserves the right to suspend the player’s account until a resolution is reached. Lodging a report of any dispute must be made in writing and must state the date, time and details of dispute. To lodge a dispute, it must be sent via email to [email protected] The Management takes member disputes very seriously and will endeavor to take all necessary and reasonable steps in order to investigate and ultimately resolve all disputes.
  • pakarbet88.com reserves the right to suspend and/or terminate any user’s account for any reason whatsoever and at any time without prior notice. Any remaining balance of credit in the account at the time of such suspension and/or termination will be refunded to the owner of the account via a payment method that will be determined by pakarbet88.com. pakarbet88.com also reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to deem void any winnings and to forfeit any balance of credit or any other winnings or entitlements of any user’s account as well as any user’s use pakarbet88.com’s services.
  • Each user is solely responsible for keeping his/her own account number and password secure. Each pakarbet88.com user is, without exception, expected to strictly disallow any other person or third party including, without limitations, any minor, from using or reusing his/her pakarbet88.com account, from accessing and/or using any materials or information from the pakarbet88.com Website as well as from accepting any prize. The user is solely responsible for any purchases and/or losses that are self-incurred or incurred via a third party on his/her pakarbet88.com account.
3.1. Acceptance and Validation of Wagering:
  • Wager
    Players must wager from funds that have been credited into their respective player accounts. All wagering will be deemed void, if upon review it is found that the player has never successfully deposited funds or completed any Funds Transfer into their respective player accounts. After successfully depositing funds into his/her account, the player’s total bet must be the equivalent or exceed the deposited amount. Failure to comply will result in failure to apply for any withdrawal, thus it is advisable for players to make deposits based on demand.
  • Confirmed Wagers
    pakarbet88.com cannot and will not cancel wagers of any player account once they have been confirmed, unless the wager is declared void or unless there are circumstances involving incorrect results and settlements for reasons outlined in these Terms & Conditions.
  • Accurate Wagering Records
    Despite every effort to ensure total accuracy, pakarbet88.com does not and will not accept responsibility for any errors or omissions with respect to the information provided on the Website.
  • Deduction of Wagers / Unresolved Wagers
    Stakes will be deducted from the respective player account at the time the Bet is placed, regardless of when the resultsare determined or announced. pakarbet88.com cannot and will not refund Bets placed on games where Bets have been purchased for future draws that have yet to be resolved or concluded. Such Bets will be resolved upon completion of such games and winnings, if applicable, will be credited to the respective players’ accounts at that time.
  • pakarbet88.com’s Wagering Decision is Final
    By accepting these General Terms and Conditions, the user agrees that pakarbet88.com and its records shall be the final authority in determining the terms of any wagers placed as well as the circumstances in which those wagers were made.
  • Player’s Sole Responsibility for Winnings
    Any applicable taxes and fees incurred upon any winnings that have been awarded to you as well as all other payments made to the respective player are considered to be the player’s sole responsibility. pakarbet88.com reserves the right to report and withhold any amount from the player’s winnings in order to comply with any applicable law. Winnings cannot be transferred, substituted or redeemed for any other forms of winnings.
3.2. Stakes Wagered
  • Minimum Stakes
    A minimum stake amount applies. The amount is dependent on the particular Game/Product.
  • Automatic playing of Games via the use of any third party software and any form of manipulation of any Games or any player's account data are strictly prohibited and may result in the termination of the offending player’s membership, deletion of all associated accounts, the cancellation and/or confiscation of any outstanding prizes and deposits, as well as civil/criminal prosecution against the offending player. By agreeing to these General Terms and Conditions, the player agrees that pakarbet88.com possesses the complete and unfettered right, based on its own discretion, to terminate any player’s account for any reason whatsoever, and without limiting the generality of the foregoing, should it be of the Management’s opinion that the player’s participation on the Website, or on any games offered therein, is damaging to the principles under which the Website is operated. The player hereby waives any and all recourse against pakarbet88.com in the occurrence of any such termination.
  • By agreeing to these General Terms and Conditions, the player acknowledges that full freedom from errors is impossible to achieve with regards to computer software. Should the player become aware that the software contains any such error, glitch or incompleteness, the player is legally bound to refrain from taking any advantage of it/them. Moreover, upon becoming aware of such errors, glitches or incompleteness, the player legally bound to promptly notify pakarbet88.com in writing. Should you fail to fulfill your undertakings under this clause, pakarbet88.com is entitled to full compensation for all costs, including costs for rectifying the software that may arise from the player’s omissions or actions in taking advantage of such errors, glitches or incompleteness.
  • By agreeing to these General Terms and Conditions, the player agrees that pakarbet88.com cannot be held responsible for any damage, loss, or injury resulting from tampering, or other unauthorized access or use of the Website or player’s account. Any attempt by any player to gain unauthorized access to the Website's systems or player’s account, to interfere with procedures or performance of the Website or games, or to deliberately damage or undermine the Website or Games are subject to civil and/or criminal prosecution and will result in immediate termination of the player’s account as well as the forfeiture of any and all prizes that the player has and have been entitled to.
  • For any fraud/opposite betting detection, all member deposit & winning amount as well as claimed prizes will be forfeited without any notification.
  • Members under suspicion of participating in fraudulent and/or bonus hunting activities will be denied their claims of any bonus and possibly face account suspension. pakarbet88.com reserves the rights to investigate such members at its sole discrepancy and take whatever remedial action necessary.
  • Prior to releasing or approving any withdrawal, pakarbet88.com reserves the right to request any player to furnish the management with required information such as proof of personal identification, front and back copy of credit card/debit card, passport, driver’s license, recent bank statement or other appropriate documentation as pakarbet88.com, at its sole discretion, deems necessary. Should the player fail to comply with any security request, pakarbet88.com reserves the right to deem void any winnings in the player’s account.
  • Crediting Winnings -- Winnings will be automatically added to the respective player’s account, as deemed appropriate. These updates of the players’ accounts are not 'proof of win' and/or may refer to funds that have been transferred (debited) from your respective account. If upon manual review there is evidence of fraud or malpractice, pakarbet88.com reserves the right to void certain winnings and to take appropriate action againstany player’s account accordingly.
5.1. Bonus
  • Bonus Money refers to the virtual money on products that are given to pakarbet88.com’s users for promotional purposes. Users cannot withdraw such money right after they have been awarded it. Depending on the type of bonus, different processing rules for bonus monies may apply.
  • Bonus money can be converted to real money and then withdrawn after the user has fulfilled the necessary requirements of the particular promotion
  • The default rollover requirement is 20 x (Deposit + Bonus).
  • For any bets placed, funds are deducted from the Cash Balance of the respective player’s account. If there is no available Cash Balance, funds for the wager will be deducted from the Bonus Balance of the player’s account. Therefore, the Bonus Balance will only be played in the event that there is a lack of funds under Cash Balance.
  • All offers are restricted to only ONE (1) free open account per individual, family, household address, email address, telephone number, bank account and IP address.
  • Any bets placed on two opposing sides will not be taken into the calculation or count towards any rollover requirement.
  • In the event that a withdrawal is made prior to the 20 times rollover requirement, the bonus and winnings may be forfeited. All drawn or tied bets will not be counted towards the rollover requirement.
  • Unless specifically mentioned otherwise in the terms of a particular promotion, only 25% of total wagers placed on any game of Roulette (all variations) and 50% of total wagers placed on any slots and RNG games will count towards the wagering requirement of any bonus. Total bet amount which is placed on Fei Long Zai Tian (gtsflzt), Great Blue (bib), Highway Kings (hk) will not be counted towards wagering requirements of any bonus.
  • pakarbet88.com reserves the right to request sufficient proof of a player’s identity at any given time. Such evidence must legally prove a player’s personal information, payment details and/or any other additional information that may be required to pass relevant security checks.
  • No employee or relative of any employee or representative of pakarbet88.com may hold a player account at any given time nor take advantage of any promotional offer on the Website.
  • By participating in any promotion run by the Website, players agree to abide by these General Terms & Conditions as well as those listed under each individual promotion. Any player unwilling to agree to these terms should contact the pakarbet88.com Support Team for further information.
  • In the event that any terms of the offers or promotions are breached, abused and have not been fulfilled by eligible player account holders, or if there is any evidence of a series of bets placed by a customer or group of customers, which, due to a deposit bonus or any other promotional offer, resulted in guaranteed customer profits, irrespective of the outcome, whether individually or as part of a group, pakarbet88.com reserves the right to withhold, cancel or reclaim the bonus as well as all winnings. In addition, to cover administrative costs and processing fees, pakarbet88.com reserves the right to levy an administration charge on the player with a value that could reach up to the value of the deposit bonus.
  • The player shall be solely responsible and agree to pay all fees and/or costs incurred, as well as to report and pay all applicable taxes as required by the applicable governing law while using any services of pakarbet88.com.
  • In the event that the General Terms and Conditions are translated into another language, the English version will prevail.
  • All players shall hold the Management of pakarbet88.com, its employees, officers, directors, shareholders, licensees, distributors, wholesalers, parents, affiliates, subsidiaries, advertisers, promoters or other agencies, media partners, agents and suppliers harmless and unaccountable immediately on demand and shall fully indemnify any or all of these parties from any and/or all claims, losses, costs, damages, liabilities and expenses whatsoever (including legal fees) that may arise, including those from any third parties.
  • We will not be responsible or liable to any player for any loss of content or material uploaded or transmitted through the Play. By agreeing to these General Terms & Conditions, the player confirms that we shall not be liable to the player or any third party for any modifications to, suspensions of or discontinuance of the Play.
  • pakarbet88.com pledges to offer both fair and timely dispute resolutions and redress without undue cost or burden, by holding detailed wager and transaction records of all its financial dealings. These records are archived for a period of 5 years (from the date of transaction) and are accessible by the dispute resolution authority upon request.








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